The Artis way

We have been extensively trained by all of the major manufacturers in the vinyl flooring industry to become experts in our field. We always assess the sub-floor, which is what the vinyl tiles / planks will be laid upon. There may be some issues prior to installation, such as rising damp, an uncured concrete slab, or levelling issues for example. If these aspects are not rectified, this can lead to issues following installation.

The Australian Standards AS 1884 2012 state that vinyl planks and tiles need to be installed as per the manufacturers’ installation instructions – all of which require a 3mm minimum depth of screed to be laid prior to the planks / tiles being laid. This provides a solid base which minimises the risk of any post-installation issues. By not adhering to manufacturer instructions, you immediately invalidate any warranty offered with the product.

The Artis way is undertaking all installations the correct way, to create the longest life-span possible for your floor.

Sadly, we have found with experience, that many companies do not follow ‘best practice’ and adhere to Australian Standards. We have noted that there is a widespread usage of a feather finish to the sub-floor prior to installation, rather than a screed application. This is an issue as feather is a water-based product, so even when dry, if you apply wet glue directly onto it, the feather re-activates. This can cause the feather to start disintegrating, which leads to planks / tiles becoming unstuck, or they begin to move, leaving unsightly gaps.

Feather as a product is considerably cheaper than screed, and as screeding is a more specialised installation process, it is therefore more expensive. At Artis, we refuse to cut corners to maximise profit margins and will always install our floors the correct way, to maximise their longevity. We have found that a variety of reasons are being used to mask inadequate installation practices, so we urge consumers to undertake an adequate amount of research.

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