Versatile range

We offer a beautiful and extensive range of carpet tiles, featuring 12 stunning collections

Why Carpet Tiles?

Ideal for high performance areas

All of our carpet tile ranges come with a 10 year warranty, and a high performance stain-resistant technology, which means that they withstand high traffic and are easy to maintain, and are also resistant to colour fading from bleach spillages. There are a variety of colour palettes and designs to suit all settings.

Practical, yet versatile

Carpet tiles provide a practical, yet versatile commercial flooring solution. Our ranges adhere to strict international environmental standards. All 12 of our carpet tile collections come in 2 different sizes, which blend perfectly with our vinyl plank and tile ranges.

With 23 designs and 121 colourways, we can offer almost as much versatility and inspiration as our vinyl ranges. In addition to this, we offer 6 stylish designs of entrance matting which has been created to be resilient and protective. It features special scraper fibres which specifically remove grit and moisture. Our entryway systems combine functionality with understated style for busy entry points, with a 10 year commercial warranty.

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