From workable to homely

Carpets soften a space, absorb noise and create a cosy, homely feel, so it is important to consider where you’ll be laying carpet, and the type of footfall it will endure.


Soft & Luxurious

Signature carpets offer underfoot comfort and are available in various textures, fibres and colours, to suit your home design needs. A softer pile is ideal for a luxurious feel in the bedrooms, whereas a dense, low pile or loop carpet could be better suited in high traffic areas such as a hallway or staircase.

Timeless style with durability

From the luxuriously thick and soft 7-star rated Luxcloud range, which offers high quality and extra hard-wearing carpets, to the Pure Wool collection, featuring 100% New Zealand wool for the ultimate combination of timeless style and pure luxury.

Budget-friendly choices

Wool is a natural fire-resistant fibre. With proper maintenance, these carpets can last a lifetime. SDN nylon carpets are durable, offer extensive colour options, and are stain and fade-resistant – great for busy homes with kids and pets. Polyester carpets are budget-friendly, soft to touch, repel liquids and have colourful options. Best suited in low-traffic areas of your home.

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