Adding your own style

You can add stylish definition, or an interesting focal point to your room with stripping, borders and motifs. These can be the finishing touches to create a beautiful decorative style. 


Our range of vinyl stripping can be placed in-between vinyl planks or tiles, to replicate the look of grout lines, and to provide a more interesting effect. Stripping is available in various sizes.

Motifs & Bespoke Logos

With our Signature range, we can offer a variety of motif designs to incorporate into a floor, which can provide and unique area of interest. For those who truly wish to create their own space, we can offer a custom-made logo service, to replicate family crests, business/company logos, or your own bespoke design. 



All of our border patterns can be implemented with our Signature range of colours. As our feature stripping comes in a variety of widths, a contrasting colour of choice and thickness can be used to create a bespoke border too.

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