Creating a visual experience

Defining different areas of flooring across a space, partnered with design, are successful techniques utilised by many designers to enhance specific areas. Floor zoning can make this experience visually stimulating and creates a more interesting space.

Why Use Zoning?

It is not just how a floor fits into a space which needs to be considered. Several floor areas may exist within one larger space, so how can these be differentiated? Zoning creates flow and points of interest within a large area, in addition to ensuring the entire space flows harmoniously from a design perspective. 

A well-designed zoning concept enables a seamless transition from area to area, whilst maintaining a strong visual identity. For example, zones can share the same overall colour palette, but each one can be unique, by utilising different splashes of colour. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) can also be used with contrasting materials, such as incorporated carpet and entryway matting, before progressing through to a more design-led LVT area.

Open-plan designs are commonplace in today’s society, both commercially and domestically, and are very much on trend. These spaces create the perfect landscape for multiple flooring designs, so whether it is a beautiful open plan living space requiring designated areas assigned to meet the needs of a growing family, or a commercial organisation requiring spaces for specific activities or departments, zoning is an ideal solution.

It is very easy to create zones and floor effects with Amtico LVTs, as they are incredibly versatile. Different colours and patterns can be used to indicate the transition from one zone to the next, as well as contributing to the creation of a feature area. 

The benefits of zoning include the flow of an area is instinctive, it can guide you to specific areas and can reflect the nature of the environment and the nature of activities taking place. 

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