Residential flooring

217 colours and over 20 laying patterns to choose from

Make it your own

Let us help you bring your creation to life

With hundreds of products to choose from, in addition to huge variety of laying patterns and customisations, Artis can design a floor which is individually perfect for every space in your home or business setting. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional style, we can help you to discover a floor which will suit your tastes perfectly.

Create your own space

An option for every space

For those who wish to create a truly unique flooring experience, striking motifs can be added as a central focal point. Customised motifs can also be implemented, such as a business logo or family crest, for example.

‘Hard-wearing and easy to maintain’

All of the ranges have been robustly tested for both domestic and commercial settings. It is highly unusual for such a diverse range of products to be offered with such lengthy guarantees, even in the commercial sector. We are proud to be able to combine durability with style, so that your space can be both practical and beautiful. It is time to revolutionise the industry and by creating your own space, your setting has the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd.

Book today

Our Process


Nice to meet you!


When we first meet with our clients we get to know about their individual needs, lifestyle, and passions. Together we try to define their style and budget.


Working together

Design & development

We start designing and planning based on what we have discussed in our consultation and review these findings with the client, ensuring your dream floor becomes a reality.


The finishing touch


Each installation is completed to the point of perfection, and will last for many years without defects. We will never lower our high standards in an industry which is lacking in pride of workmanship and regulation.

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